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About this item


  • 50" LED computer touchscreen and HD 4K HDR Smart Television in one (10-touch)
  • Approved for federal government, state agency, and military use
  • Secured (WiFi disabled) operation
  • Multi-touch gestures in Mac OS, and windows 7/8/10/11
  • Works with any software or webpage
  • 3840x2160, 4K HDR 10 resolution, TruMotion 120
  • HDMI (with eARC), USB, LAN, RF, Audio Out
  • Component design means the touch digitizer and TV monitor can be replaced separately in case of damage. A huge cost savings
  • 1 year warranty and support

Victorviz touchscreens are Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 compatible for multi-touch gestures.

Victorviz are the only touchscreens in the world with touchscreen capabilities combined with Smart TV functions available in 4K HDR resolutions. 4K HDR shows close to 4 times more than standard 1080p which means almost 4 times more info can be displayed on the screen at once.

With the newest HDR 10 technology you are getting the best colors and picture compared to an industrial monitor.


Victorviz works with any software or webpage and you can instantly control
anything you see on the screen via the touch functions, and with the multi-touch features, you can touch the touchscreen with more than one finger or stylus at a time. Multiple people can use a single Victorviz touchscreen at the same time for collaborative presentations.


All Victorviz touchscreen models utilize state-of-the-art name-brand Smart TVs with the latest quad core processors, which provide the latest features not found in other products using industrial monitors.


Software applications and web browsing provided by any attached computer system can be controlled by the touchscreen surface on the Victorviz.

Government Use - VictorVIZ 50" (4K) Smart TV Touch Screen (No WiFi) MC5002GS

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